Midnight Artists Management LLC was founded by Michael Bloom in April 2017.  A bi-coastal talent management company, headquartered in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, "MIDNIGHT" strives to bridge traditional management principles with a modernized approach. In the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry, MIDNIGHT's around-the-clock vision is to infuse a new energy and fresh mentality to the development and management of an actor's career. With a heightened emphasis on the craft, in addition to the branding and marketing of an artist, MIDNIGHT keeps their clients focused on the process while always having an eye on the big picture. The company's belief is that each client is their own unique brand, with their own career path, and so it is essential to tailor a game plan that is specific for each individual artist. By bringing a hands-on, strategic approach, MIDNIGHT has been able to develop careers, cultivate relationships, and secure opportunities for the "Midnight Artists".  MIDNIGHT is one big family, encouraging clients to create and collaborate with one another - always progressing and growing as artists.